Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dream The Unusuals Ep#204

  • 16:51 This Week on #DreamTheUnusuals: Alvarez invites Delahoy for a beer, without responding, Delahoy walks out of the cruiser to a free clinic. #
  • 19:23 Alvarez, left in the car, checks in on Banks, still at home having collapsed from a lack of solid food. He is still fine! #DreamTheUnusuals #
  • 22:21 Banks is fine, not alone: "lady caller" brought him a sandwich. (from bit.ly/TUMenu2 ?). Meanwhile, Delahoy calls the ME for a date. #
  • 16:30 From the clinic, Delahoy calls the ME girl and invites her for a picnic lunch (at the same park where he read Cat's Cradle) #dreamtheunsuals #
  • 07:56 #DreamtheUnusuals: Walsh and Schraeger show up to the warehouse to provide backup to Cole and Beaumont. It's still a tense moment inside. #
  • 08:09 Walsh & Schraeger enter the warehouse, there's Cole, gun on kidnapper's temple. Finger on trigger. Beaumont has the kid #dreamtheunusuals. #
  • 22:43 Cole cocks the pistol. Works up the courage and thinks about his cousin. Walsh approaches him cautiously. Talks him down. #dreamtheunusuals #
  • 18:37 As the team has a drink at the Apolo, Eddie waits to buy Delahoy a beer. He's not coming: out at a park with a lady! #dreamtheunusuals #
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Monday, August 3, 2009

Dream The Unusuals Ep #203

  • 2ndSquadRescue: This Week on #dreamtheUnusuals, kidnapped child gets @HenryCole really, really concerned. Something about him speaks to Cole's past a bit.
  • 2ndSquadRescue: #dreamtheUnusuals The missing child reminds Cole of his young cousin, a kid who was attacked 20 years ago by a sexual predator. Similar MO
  • 2ndSquadRescue:Needless to say, this is @HenryCole's one EID of the year, according to @AllisonBeaumont. Who starts tracking leads. #dreamtheUnusuals
  • Meanwhile, on the lighter side, @LeoBanks is now afraid of food, and is consuming only bottled sodas for sustenance. #dreamtheUnusuals
  • 2ndSquadRescue: #dreamtheUnusuals Because @LeoBankshasn't eaten solid food in a few days, he passes out. @EricDelahoy works with @detEddieAlvarez on a case.
  • 2ndSquadRescue: #dreamtheUnusuals: Alvarez brought his lunch into the Squad car with Delahoy; Delahoy finds this more hilarious than all of Banks' phobias.
  • 2ndSquadRescue: #dreamtheUnusuals: Cole's kidnapping case is heating up. Leads indicate that this is nothing like his cousin, and the guy has a warehouse.
  • 2ndSquadRescue: #dreamtheUnusuals Uneventful day and Medical Condition conspire against Delahoy: he falls asleep in the car. Alvarez is left alone, awake
  • 2ndSquadRescue: #dreamtheUnusuals of course, with Delahoy asleep at the wheel, Alvarez spots something they must investigate. He wakes Delahoy, who hits him
  • 2ndSquadRescue: #dreamtheUnusuals: What Eddie saw was a man in a ski mask through a window. He and Delahoy rush to investigate: turns out to be a kinky game
  • 2ndSquadRescue: #dreamtheUnusuals: @EricDelahoy says walking in on people... in flagrante: just as awkward when they're strangers as with college roommates
  • 2ndSquadRescue: #dreamtheUnusuals: Cole & Beaumont infiltrate the warehouse. Cole reaches the perp first, and raises a gun to his temple. To Be Continued...

Dream The Unusuals Ep #202

Dream The Unusuals Ep #201

Save The Unusuals Info

The Unusuals Twitter just posted a slightly vague message:
Second Squad, don't for one minute think you're getting rid of me that easily. Be on the lookout for a terrorist with a colostomy bag.
This could mean a few different things, so I don't want to get anyone's hopes up. It could mean there's a season 2 on its way, but I wouldn't hold my breath until Noah Hawley announces it. What it seems a little more likely to me is that the Twitter account will continue to post, giving us a small taste of what we're missing.

Update: Noah's latest blog post indicates he's still working with ABC Studios (despite the cancellation, because they were decent to him) on two new shows for the fall. Seems The Unusuals is still in slim-chance Limbo, but we'll see what happens! However, let's follow him to his new materials, will keep you posted here and on @2ndSquadRescue!

Save The Unusuals

In an effort to centralize and communicate with other like-minded individuals, here's a list of all the Unusuals-related stuff I have found:

ABC NetworkWebsitesPress

TwitterMost of us are using either #theUnusuals or #SaveTheUnusuals for hashtags.

We have a Twibe... whatever that is: http://www.twibes.com/group/SaveTheUnusuals
To Join:
  • Copy the following: Joining a Twitter group. http://twibes.com/SaveTheUnusuals?v=1
  • Tweet that link, feel free to include @2ndSquadRescue, @TheUnusualsNYC or @NoahHawley in the tweet, and send it off
  • When you check the Twibe, it will search for your tweet and add you.
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Episode List
You can find the latest The Unusuals episodes on TheUnusuals.org
  • Pilot
  • Boorland Day
  • One Man Band
  • Crime Slut
  • 42
  • The Circle Line
  • The Tape Delay
  • The Dentist
  • The Apology Line
  • E.I.D. (airs 6/17/09)
Fan Stuff
I've been working on this since the conversation about Sandwiches based on our favorite characters:

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Pretty sure that's the name of Walsh's diner. It was written on the menu in the background just after Eddie Alvarez' prank.

Will add more as I become aware of it. Thanks for stopping by!