Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dream The Unusuals Ep#205

  • 07:47 This week on #DreamTheUnusuals: Walsh and Schraeger are catching up on a YouTube video? No! It's a bungled jewelry store heist in the 2nd. #
  • 08:38 #dreamtheunusuals: This is apparently one of three stores hit so far, all of them ending the same way: criminals chased off empty-handed #
  • 15:22 #dreamtheunusuals. Shraeger notices something about one of the guys, but says nothing, too vague at the moment. Walsh lets it slide. #
  • 09:05 Delahoy is suspiciously silent about picnic date with the ME girl. Banks equally secretive about visit from Dispatch girl. #dreamtheunusuals #
  • 09:26 You know, they're sitting in a squad car, not talking about their love lives. Uncomfortable silence broken by radio #dreamtheunusuals #
  • 23:32 #DreamTheUnusuals: Banks and Delahoy are responding to a rash of fruit cart robberies. Perps are taking the cash and bananas. #
  • 15:56 #Dreamtheunusuals Banks suggests it could be a thief with a trained army of monkeys, Delahoy is skeptical. #
  • 16:06 #dreamtheunusuals: Delahoy does some looking around, finds a trail of banana skins leading away from the scene, to an empty alley. #
  • 16:12 #dreamtheunusuals: Banks redeems himself by suggesting the thief (sans monkey army) wanted them to find where he parked the getaway van. #
  • 16:21 #dreamtheunusuals Walsh and Schraeger on the scene, looking for clues. One of the criminals left some of his pants behind. Maybe a shirt. #
  • 19:52 Lab results from the fabric Walsh and Schraeger found: silk, pure. Walsh asks Schraeger if she has any ideas: she might. #dreamtheunusuals #
  • 12:52 Meanwhile, Cole is out sick, so Beaumont's been hanging around the precinct reading @WriteRCastle's new book, Heat Wave #dreamtheunusuals #
  • 11:35 #dreamtheunusuals: In 2nd Precinct, there's a jewelry store with a fruit stand outside. Walsh and Schraeger bump into Banks and Delahoy here #
  • 09:57 #dreamtheunusuals What none of the four can believe is that one of the jewelry store perps slipped on a banana peel from the fruit heist. #
  • 13:45 #dreamtheunusuals: While reviewing the surveillance tape, Delahoy recommends setting thre perp's pratfall to "Yackety Sax" #
    • 19:45 All Units: For those who aren't clear, here's an artist's rendering of the surveillance video in question: bit.ly/AEfnq #
    • 23:24 All Units: For anyone who missed the Yackety Sax joke, this might help:bit.ly/1Js5Eo (Final Destination + Yackety Sax = Humor? #
  • 12:30 #dreamtheunusuals Shraeger's suspicions turn to concern because she was right: The perp who fell on the banana was a high school boyfriend. #
  • 08:38 #dreamtheunusuals Walsh asks Schraeger if she's okay booking her ex, she says she ended it and will be fine. Plus, he's kind of an ass. #
  • 20:22 #DreamTheUnusuals Shraeger and Walsh enter the interview room, suspect--Morgan Stetson--looks up and asks "Case?", she hated that name. #
  • 11:35 Meanwhile, Banks and Delahoy may have caught a break: seems like the getaway "bananamobile" broke down in the alley. #dreamtheunusuals #
  • 21:16 #DreamtheUnusuals Hasn't had a chase in awhile, huh? Well, guess what Banks and Delahoy have to do for their new perp? Yep, a chase. #
  • 23:28 #dreamtheunusuals Banks and Delahoy chase down the suspect. Banks manages jumps a fence and cuts him off just as he goes into a McDonalds. #
  • 20:26 While interviewing the perp, the biggest question Delahoy has is "Are you part primate, by chance. Why else the bananas?" #Dreamtheunusuals #
  • 07:58 Perp admits to stealing cash and 'nanas because he has hypokalemia (potassium deficiency) and can't afford insurance #dreamtheunusuals #
  • 21:47 Banks and Delahoy have to book him, but he doesn't seem to mind: Prison means healthcare. He was going to win either way. #dreamtheunusuals #
  • 22:10 Walsh and Schraeger, on the other hand, are breaking her ex. She just reminds him he was a jerk and he weeps like a babe #dreamtheunusuals #
  • 10:04 Weeping the perp is, but not about the crimes. He's apparently changed since High School and kind of regrets the break-up. #dreamtheunusuals #
  • 10:58 Schraeger's ex is still blubbering about what's happened since high school, finally says something relevant. He was laid off #dreamtheusuals #
  • 20:57 Laid off, met with other unfortunates from the prep school. No jobs for a while. Plan to knock over jewelry stores forms #dreamtheunusuals #
  • 11:52 The plan: One friend gets a job at a jewelry store for few months, then quits on good terms. Passes security info to crew. #dreamtheunusuals #
  • 13:04 Crew then busts in, takes the jewels, and bails. Sheer elegance in its simplicity. Unfortunately: they're all cowards. #dreamtheunusuals #
  • 19:59 Second Squad unwinds at Walsh's diner for a change. Only no one bought food: they had pizza delivered and brought beer. #dreamtheunusuals #
  • 20:03 Schraeger bursts in (after beer 2) with yearbook. The perp, her ex, was in the Business Leaders club. They're the team. She's certain of it. Walsh says they'll bust them in the morning. #
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Sunday, September 6, 2009

DTU Preview: Ep #205

  • 08:43 All Units: Homework! Familiarize yourself with this from @RainnSong: su.pr/1Ff2kw -> It'll come up in the week's #dreamtheunusuals #
  • 08:43 (It's also just an awesome video) #
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